Conrad is the author of three novels: Sex & Genius, The Concert Pianist, and Unfinished Business, published in May 2016 by Bloomsbury Reader. You can read reviews, short descriptions and interviews about the novels in ‘Books’. In ‘Articles and Extracts’ there are writings on a range of subjects, and extracts from two works in progress: Travels and Trees, and an Italian memoir, The Long View. There are also photographs of areas associated with the settings of the novels, particularly the Black Mountains where much of the action of Unfinished Business takes place.
Ebook versions of Sex & Genius and The Concert Pianist will be available from May 2016.


‘Williams’s prose is spellbinding and his imagery transports the reader, abducting the senses, getting to the essence of music, love, even the overlooked beauty of our surroundings.’ The Irish Times

‘Conrad Williams is a shrewd and gifted writer who writes with confidence and musicality. I find him a great pleasure to read.’ Joseph O’Connor

‘Like Martin Amis at his funniest.’ Amanda Craig, The Times

‘Williams writes with easy grace and an evocative turn of phrase…he is exceptionally perceptive.’  Michael Church, Independent

'Supremely intelligent...Conrad Williams writes like a dream.' Publishing News

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